Exploring the Visual Arts: Youth Series

Ongoing Throughout the Year, Wednesdays, 2:30-4pm

Instructor: Jaime Coggins

These classes are for ages 6-12. Attend one class, some or all — we meet each Wednesday at 2:30 – 4pm, ongoing throughout 2016. All classes are taught by Greensboro artist, Jaime Coggins. You can register your child by clicking HERE, sending an email to info@shakorihills.org or calling the office at 919-542-1746.

Some class topics are highlighted below:

Learning to Draw from NatureJune 1 Learn-draw-nature

This class gets started with the basics, but still leaves room for the imagination. We will explore shapes and colors that we see around us in everyday life and learn to draw our own versions of these shapes in nature.

June 8 Youth SeriesPainting and Color

This class explores the color wheel, paints and different ways that a young artist can mix and make their own colors. We will use brushes and tools found in nature to learn ways to move paint across the paper and begin to create beautiful paintings.

Learning to Paint Natural Surroundings

June 15 sceneWe’ll focus on using color and shape to paint simple natural areas. During the class, we will visit the vegetable garden, explore woods trails and sit beside the creek to practice painting and learn about the ways in which lines, shapes and colors can be used to paint our own unique perspectives.

Painting with Imagination

We’ll be using the imagination in this class to create drawings and paintings about things we cannot see right in front of us. This is a great exercise for learning to explore and realize creative ideas; from characters to mechanical inventions, exploring the imagination is good for the mind and soul!

The Different Styles of Art

We’ll study and explore the work well-known and culturally significant artists from the last two centuries. We’ll also discuss how regional influences affect our artistic creations.


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