Singing Fearlessly while Finding Your Voice

Tuesdays, October 10th – November 14th

6:00 – 7:30pm

All experience levels welcome in this FREE class open to the public (donations appreciated). Marie Vanderbeck will cover songs from Folk, Country, Blues, Appalachian, A Cappella and Gospel. This class open to new students as well as returnees from the previous classes. Register HERE.

birdsingEach class will start with vocal exercises. It is important that vocalists use every muscle to achieve the sound they want. We’ll do full body stretches, facial gestures, tongue exercises, lip trills, tongue trills, head and neck stretches, etc. We will learn how to “place the sound forward” to get the fullest sound using concentration on diaphragm and other anatomy.

The six week program’s objectives touch on learning breath control, relaxation, sustaining notes, emotionality of singing, body involvement and selecting the right song for your voice.MVBG_trio_1285086147_1285086220

To add to that there are tongue twisters, catchy songs and harmonic exercises. Here’s what some 2016 participants had to say:

” Perfect mix of warm-up’s, group singing, individual singing, feedback and support.” – Amy D.
“Good basic skills.” -Jean H.
“Loved it.  Can’t wait for another.” – Alix D.
“Great sense of community in this “safe space.” -Amy D.

*Please Note: this class needs at least five participants to happen, and will be capped at 12. Classes happen at the farmhouse at Shakori Hills, unless otherwise notified.

Call us at 919-542-1746 or email for more information! Register by Clicking HERE.

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