Sing Fearlessly By Finding Your Voice

NEW SESSION: Thursdays, February 21 – March 28, 2019

6:00 – 7:30pm

Have you always wanted to sing? Feel more confident about your voice? Want to improve your skills? This is the class where you will learn to love your voice! All experience levels welcome in this FREE class open to the public (donations appreciated). Register HERE.

Marie Vanderbeck will cover songs from Folk, Country, Blues, Appalachian, A Cappella and Gospel. This class is open to new students as well as returnees from the previous classes. We’ll explore individual as well as group techniques.  This is a fun, active, “no-judgment,” safe environment so be prepared to bring songs to share with the group.

This class will meet at Cambridge Hills in Pittsboro, located at:

140 Brookstone Lane, Pittsboro, NC 27312

birdsingEach class builds on the previous one so you’re never out of step.  You’ll learn breath control, phrasing, vocal exercises, increasing your range and how to sing the “truth.”  You’ll work on strengthening and relaxing your voice for optimal impact, and take home skills to get you on your way. Each class will start with vocal exercises. It is important that vocalists use every muscle to achieve the sound they want. We’ll do full body stretches, facial gestures, tongue exercises, lip trills, tongue trills, head and neck stretches, etc. We will learn how to “place the sound forward” to get the fullest sound using concentration on diaphragm and other anatomy.

The six week program’s objectives touch on learning breath control, relaxation, sustaining notes, emotionality of singing, body involvement and selecting the right song for your voice.

To add to that there are tongue twisters, catchy songs and harmonic exercises. Here’s what some of her participants had to say:

“In every song she sings, you can feel the love and respect that Marie brings to this music she has chosen – or has it chosen her?”  Becky K., Bare Bones A Cappella

“With Marie’s guidance, I learned to relax around a group of people that were there for the same reason I was; skill level was irrelevant. Singing songs together was very powerful, very healing, and bonding. With a little nudge, the anxiety and stage fright melted away.” – Tracy L.

“Great sense of community in this “safe space.” – Amy D.

“I sing better with more confidence and control.” – Ed M.

“Helped me get close to the singer I want to be.” – Phyllis F.

“Wouldn’t change a thing.” – Ross A.

“I don’t want it to end.” – Mary L.

“Coaching and encouragement needed to continuously improve, all done with organization, energy, and humor.” – Kathi P.

To register or for additional information contact Marie Vanderbeck at for more information!

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