Bark Berry Basket Making

May 27th, 2017: 12pm

Visit Shakori Hills this summer to get back to the land!

Fuz Sanderson, of the Piedmont Earthskills Gathering, shares his knowledge of earth-based and primitive skills that are still relevant today.

berry basket copy

“How did you make that?”  is what people say when they see a completed bark basket.  The traditional Appalachian Bark Berry Basket is a beautiful and functional craft item that is made from tulip tree bark when the sap is flowing in the spring.  In this hands-on class, you will make your own basket to take home and use.  We’ll go through the process of harvesting the bark, lacing up the basket, and can spend some time decorating further if you choose.

For this class you will need a sharp, non-serrated knife.  An awl is very useful, if you have one. Class will last approximately 3 hours.

Workshop is free and open to the public. Register by sending an email to or clicking HERE



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