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Live Sound Production

June 16th – 18th

Friday 6pm-9pm Meet & Greet, Dinner, Shop Talk, Stories, Q&A

Saturday 10am-7pm (Hour lunch)

Sunday 10am-7pm (Hour lunch)

Cost: $200. Full & Partial Scholarships Available.

This class is open to everyone, regardless of experience level. Email Us to apply for a full or partial scholarship! Click HERE to register and pay for class. Class limited to 10 participants.


We’ll meet up, break bread together and talk about some basic sound principles and system design & setup to prepare for a hands-on Saturday and Sunday. In thIMG_5028is workshop, we will be focused on systems using analog mixers and processing; we believe that the fundamentals of good sound engineering can be more easily discovered and discussed in the analog domain, and subsequently applied to the digital domain if you cho
ose. Also we just like how it sounds…!
Saturday & Sunday:

We’ll break the group in
half. One will learn about mixing at Front Of House, while the other takes a closer look at Monitor World, then switch on Sunday.

The Instructors:

Ed Griffin and Charles Jones have been working together as Live Sound Engineers for 30+ years. They currently team up to run Front of House and Monitors for all the GrassRoots ed charlesFestivals. They both have their own rigs and run smaller shows across the Triangle.

Ed is in his 8th year with Grassroots Festival, has recently been working with UNC-TV mixing live recordings of shows at Shakori Hills for UNC-TV’s NC channel, and fills in at The Cat’s Cradle, The Back Room, and mixes local shows for many regional bands.

Charles is in his 5th year with Paper Hand Puppet Intervention’s Summer show, 4th year with the Grassroots Festival, and works regularly as a tech for Broadway productions & concert events at the DPAC & the Duke Energy Center in Raleigh. When not otherwise engaged, he runs the shows at North 87 South, and fills in occasionally at The Cat’s Cradle, The Back Room, and The Station.

The Sessions:

Half will join Ed to cover mains and the front of house setup, from the microphone to the IMG_1153cone. This will include running all cabling in the signal path, and consideration of system EQ, band EQ, signal processing, and building a solid concert mix for a midsize venue. Using live multi-track recordings captured at this stage, each participant will be given ample time to build their own mix in a hands on environment.

The other half will join Charles to learn the intricacies of delivering effective stage monitor mixes. You will learn to wire the signal path from microphone to monitor wedge. We will consider how to choose and array equipment for optimum results, and how mic selection/technique profoundly influences monitor mixing strategy.

Charles will demonstrate his monitor tweak up techniques, and discuss how to avoid feedback, keep the amps from clipping, maintain intelligibility, and minimize overall stage monitor volume. You will discover why Ed is much happier when Charles keeps the stage from getting too loud, and why sometimes Charles gets on the radio to ask Ed to clean up the bottom end. Using live multi-track recordings captured at this stage, participants will work on getting that chest pounding kick drum in the drum mix, and reproducing rich clear instruments & crisp clean vocals in the wedges.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a few very well recorded favorite songs on their phone or ipod, with which they are very familiar – a variety is helpful – acoustic, electric, vocal, instrumental. Saving the songs as full resolution WAV or AIFF files is strongly suggested over MP3’s since MP3’s sound weird naturally. If you are a player, please feel free to bring an instrument to actually work with in these demonstrations.

We look forward to developing your skills and pique your interest in sound production.

Click HERE to register and pay for workshop.