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This Week in the Garden 6-19-12

Hi folks,

We are having a work day tomorrow and there is plenty to do, so come on out if you can. My will be there at 9:00 to get things started and Kearnie and I will be loading up leaves in Carrboro first thing in the morning (8:00) and bringing them out to the farm asap.

Most important: We need to pick beans. They are starting, and thorough, timely picking is important to continued production. We should also pick the squash and cucumbers every chance we get. I also think we should do a major harvest on the beets – at least half, if not all of them. Several cabbages are ready as well. There are grocery bags for produce in the shed.

Important: Planting the second bed of tomatoes – My knows the plan on this task. Remember to water in with fish emulsion. If I can get seed, we can reseed the edamame and cover the bed with a row cover to keep the rabbits off. Also, we’ve had no takers on the front bed, so how about multihead sunflowers? I’ll try and find seed for this, too.

General work: Continue getting beds ready in old spring section. I got a bucket of feathermeal, so we can ammend these beds and turn them over either by hand or with a tiller to plant. We will use a tiller and hoes to deeply work up the first two beds for sweet potatoes.

See you in the morning,


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