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This Week in the Garden 6-26-12

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sweet weather today! We are having our normal garden work day tomorrow – there is plenty to do so come on out if you can. I will be there at 9:00. (BTW, if enough people need this work day to be a different day of the week, we can look at changing it – let us know)

One of the results of a small change in rotation and scheduling we made this year is that we had plenty of extra room for both spring planting and early summer planting. Another result is that we are pushed to get the late summer crops planted while already working hard to take care of and harvest the early summer vegetables. So our work load is pretty high right now. Special thanks to Kearny, My and all others who worked in the garden over the weekend while others of us were otherwise commited. All of the beets and cabbage have been harvested and are available in the cooler in the outdoor kitchen. Also, some beds for sweet potatoes and butternut squash have been worked up and made ready or nearly ready for planting. We’re getting there!

Things to do tomorrow or this week:

Harvest remains at the top of the list while the cukes, squash and beans last. Get ’em while they’re hot! We are also going to dig up the potatoes in the morning so plenty of help will be welcome.

Continued work on late summer beds and planting of beds that are ready. We decided to go with feathermeal for a nitrogen boost because it would be less labor intensive and allow us to get these jobs done faster. I will describe the strategies for this work in person if possible tomorrow.

Build the trellis for the second bed of tomatoes before the plants get too big. A task it would have been nice to have completed much earlier, but had to be put off and now we have no choice but to get it done as soon as possible. Myself, Kearny and My already know how to do this – perhaps we could strategize this job in the morning?

Continue weeding and mulching beds and aisles in the early summer section with the new load of leaves that we got last week. A good task if you find yourself working alone or unsure of what to do next. Thanks again, Kearny, for using your trailer and bringing us our second load.

Current harvest list:

Summer squash – plants will begin going down very soon
Cucumbers – there’s plenty right now for folks to make pickles if you want to
Potatoes – lets gently flip the melon vines back temporarily while we dig them up
Basil – I keep forgetting to mention it, but the plants are getting nice and bushy and there is plenty to be had
Cherry Tomatoes – Just started last week. “Sungold” variety. Very yellow/almost orange when ripe. The last two plants in the early tomato bed. Sweeee-eeet!

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