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This Week in the Garden 7/6/12

Hi folks,


Big changes in the garden in the last two weeks! We got all of the spring beds turned over into late-summer crops: Butternut squash, corn, pole beans and sweet potatoes. We also built the trellis for the second tomato planting and planted some sunflowers in the front bed of the early-summer section. We are nicely caught up on season-sensitive work, and can now spend our time on maintenance and prudent practices like mulching and weeding. Our biggest problem right now is the rabbits.  They love to eat bean plants. The edimame and pole beans are really suffering and may not survive. We are trying an organic rabbit repellent spray, but small mammals are sometimes the hardest pest to deal with. Any new possible solutions/suggestions are welcome.

Still available for harvest, but on the way out:

Green beans
Summer squash – plants are going down fast, there is talk of planting okra in this bed once we clear out the squash – how many okra eaters do we have?
Cucumbers – still a few to be had, mostly at the far end

Just beginning to come on strong:

Cherry tomatoes
Regular tomatoes – check closely for different colors when ripe, including one that is still green when ripe
Green peppers

Right around the corner:

Wide variety of hot peppers
Colored sweet peppers

Work we can do now:

Weed the strawberry bed
Mulch early summer beds and aisles with a thick layer of leaf mulch (where plants are overgrown into aisles, we will wait until crops are done before mulching – beans, squash, etc)
Tie up second tomato plants to new trellis
Continue maintenance of first tomato trellis

So, I will be at the garden Saturday morning to deliver food buckets to the pigs. I can plan to stay and work with folks for a couple-few hours if anyone is interested and able to come out. Please let me know if are planning on coming and we can coordinate our schedules.

Thanks everybody, talk to you soon!


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