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This Week in the Garden 6/12/12

Update from Cheryl–
Looks like we are sticking with Wednesday – it works best for most people.  Lets hope the weather cooperates 🙂

Squash is on, baby. I picked four or five patty pan squash today, there’s going to be PLENTY very soon :):)

Coming very soon: onions, beets, carrots, cucumbers, green beans and potatoes

Just a quick list of reminders of stuff we can do:

Mulching the front basil/dill bed and the far side bed in the spring garden (want to keep that cilantro and save seed?). We can also finish the pepper bed and mulch the shoulders. I’ll try and bring the last pepper trellis post so it can be put in place. It is probably time to get another load of leaves soon. I keep hoping for the wood mulch, but if it never comes, we can just use leaves in the aisles – it won’t last as long as the wood, or add as much organic matter. but it is WAY better than nothing. I’ve been hitting the aisles with a hoe whenever I have a chance to keep things manageable.

We can clear more crops in the spring section: radishes, broccoli raab, peas, cilantro(?).

The onions have been harvested and are set up to dry under last week’s garlic.

We can look at our trellis materials for the second tomato trellis.

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