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West African Drumming

Four Week Session:  7pm, Tuesdays, May 30th – June 20th, 2017

Instructor: Will Ridenour of Kaira Ba

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Even if you’ve never touched a djembe or hand drum before… even if you think you’ve got no rhythm, YOU CAN learn to drum! A drumming class is a great way to reduce stress, have fun, relax and re-energize all at the same time! Will Ridenour teaches technique, musical phrasing and breathing, and encourages you to express yourself in a safe and comfortable handsdrummingenvironment.

Students will learn basic hand-drumming techniques with a focus on the djembe from West Africa, although other drums are welcome. We will practice the proper way to hold the drum, the correct hand and arm positions, and the right technique for learning the language of the drum. You will also learn the traditional significance of each rhythm, its name, and place of origin. 

The overall goal is for you to feel connected to the drum and comfortable playing in any situation, whether at home by yourself, with others at a drum circle, or on stage with a band!

All experience levels welcome. Please bring your own drum, or a djembe can be rented for each class for $5 extra. Workshop is free and open to the public. Click HERE to register. Requested donation for course: $40