Happy Holidays from Everyone at Shakori Hills!

This holiday season, we at Shakori Hills wish to express our gratitude to you, as part of this amazing community! We mean everyone who lives in Chatham and surrounding counties on a daily basis, and those who are part of our extended community, journeying to Shakori Hills from afar to be part of our the GrassRoots Festival or Fiddlers’ Convention.


It seems that we just cannot get ahead of the weather these days…and while we all understand that rain is a beautiful and necessary part of life on earth, and we even make jokes about it not being the festival without the rain, most of us would not prefer to attend an outdoor festival in a hurricane! But somehow, the show went on…the electric continued without interruption, the tents remained upright, the musicians kept playing, and those who were able to get here and decided to stay, danced on into the evening.

The outpouring of support from this community in the wake of the resulting, extreme financial losses from this past festival has left us astounded… and so, so grateful. Thank you.

We will continue to work hard and do everything in our power to keep this community thriving and the festival alive! Scheduling has begun for 2017 classes, workshops and free community offerings — one way we can show our gratitude through the next step of Shakori Hills’ Mission. Sign Up for Our Newsletter for periodic updates on Shakori Hills’ happenings!

From the Festival Desk: Shakori Hills GrassRoots & Hurricane Matthew

This Fall’s Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival has left us with full hearts, a lot of gratitude20161008_160403 and a big financial challenge. We are grateful that Hurricane Matthew did not cause harm or destruction to any of the people at the festival, any of the trees, tents or structures. We do feel for and want to acknowledge all of those whose lives have been affected (and lost) by Matthew and recognize the hardships many people are facing and know that help is needed in many places right now.

At Shakori Hills, Matthew created a beautiful chance for our staff, amazing volunteers and performers to come to together and work as a team to keep the festival going and create an experience the folks that were still here will never forget! We are grateful to everyone who stayed and weathered the storm with us. The enter Kids Area moved to the Coffee Barn and continued making fairy wands and having a craft bazaar while an old-time jam hummed along side.

Photo by Dax Pecaro

Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn trusted us to get them on a stage where they wouldn’t be washed away and put on a very special and very sweet show in the Dance Tent. Our Miami bands set out from Miami on a hope and a prayer, and all had amazing sets on Saturday night! And we got to see Donna the Buffalo in the Dance Tent, always a treat! There were memorable shows from Darlingside, Richie & Rosie, Eilen Jewell and all the performers that stuck with us. It was a truly beautiful scene, late into the night. A day that many will remember for years to come…

At the same time, as with much of the Southeast and Caribbean, it will take us all a while to get back on our feet after this fall. Many folks decided not to come (understandably) because of the storm’s possibilities, ticket sales were at an all-time low and now we need to ask for your help! Please consider giving what you can, it’ll help pay for our $100,000 plus unpaid bills from the festival and it’ll help us feel confident in planning for Spring 2017.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Your support has always been crucial for us, but we need you now more than ever. We hope to stick around for as long as possible for many more magical moments.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding donations please call us at (919) 542-1746. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Shakori Hills: Why It Matters…

Roots in the Schools


We’ll be continuing and expanding this program of bringing musicians, artists and dancers into local schools to help supplement the curriculum. If you are a teacher, parent or school administrator interested in bringing this program to your school, get in touch at info@shakorihills.org

 Community Garden

Want to grow your own food but don’t have the space or time commitment for your own20160620_125037 garden? Community garden workers get a share of everything harvested and excess is donated to the CORA Food Pantry. You can contribute as much or as little as meets your schedule and energy level. Everyone is welcome to participate in the garden, from the early planning stages like deciding what crops to grow, ordering seeds and tilling the ground to planting, weeding, mulching and harvesting. No previous gardening experience is necessary.

Cheryl is also offers free monthly gardening workshops this summer in a variety of topics for those who have their own gardens or just want to swap knowledge and experience!

The garden occupies approximately 8800 square feet, with three crop rotation areas to keep the harvest on a year-round cycle. The project is coordinated by Cheryl McNeill, an instructor with CCCC’s Sustainable Agriculture program. We also offer garden tours and workshops at no cost to local schools and community groups. If you’d like to get involved, or are interested in a garden workshop, drop us a line at info@shakorihills.org or call the office at 919-542-1746.

Thank you for all your support! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your contributions will help us reach our vision of giving back to our community by making the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center a place for everyone to enjoy now and for decades to come! Click here to make a donation.

Slideshow Photo Credits: Todd E. Gaul, Kevin James, Paul Kerr, Matthew Coburn, Allison Springer, Sara Waters, Dwayne Ritchie

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