Lake Street Dive show has changed venues!

It is with sadness that we announce that the band has decided to move their show to the Haw River Ballroom. We look forward to working with Cat’s Cradle Productions on future events, including Sylvan Esso on September 30th.

IMPORTANT: All tickets that have already been purchased will be valid for the new location! Camping tickets will be refunded. If you would like a refund for your ticket to the show, send an email to or call 919-542-1746, and your refund will be immediately issued. ****Refunds will be available only until 12 noon on the day of the show.****

Visit Cat’s Cradle and Haw River Ballroom for show details.

lakestreetdiveWe’ve got a whole season of workshops, events and community activities happening this year! Click HERE for the most up-to-date listing of free and donation-based workshops.

There is something for everyone at Shakori Hills, and we look forward to a beautiful season of building and growing with you!
29495180764_d12f47c4a0_zCheck out the calendar in the sidebar or go HERE for a larger view.

From Fuz Sanderson of Piedmont Earthskills Gathering, published in the Spring Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival program:

If you’ve ever walked the grounds of the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center at a time outside of the GrassRoots Festival, you may feel an eerie sense of quiet in a place where once there was bustling activity.

Right here, I watched an amazing hoop dance. Over there, I was part of a parade. On this spot I danced late into the night. In this place, was my campsite… it’s as if you can hear the echoes of laughter and music for a moment, as if there is an energy signature left behind by all of the happenings during the festival.

Then the woods rest again. The fields are empty, the only music is brought by the frogs, basketbirds and the wind. Yet the community continues to thrive even when the big show is over. Part of the mission at the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center is to host workshops and events throughout the year. There are opportunities to engage with the community in these smaller workshops, while learning a skill that you always wanted to know.

One of the featured events is the Piedmont Earthskills Gathering (PEG) held April 5-9, 2017. Now in its fifth year, PEG is a 5-day, 4-night, hands-on workshop event where people congregate to learn the skills and traditions of our ancestors.

There are over 30 different workshops offered each day, totaling over 120 classes during the event! This educational/ enrichment program focuses on primitive living skills, homesteading, wilderness survival and scientific exploration of the natural world. Instructors teach dozens of ancestral and heritage primitive skills such as matchless fire making, edible and medicinal plants, stone tool creation and use, ancient weaponry and basket making, just to name a few.

The nature of Earthskills Gatherings lends itself to spontaneous community activities that include trade blankets, games, music and storytelling. It is a family-friendly event. Together, we recreate an ancient village reminiscent of our ancestors. We gather around the campfires in the evening for community and experience the power of a deeper connection, in a safe and positive environment, to the Earth and each other.

…So when the festival is over and post-Shakori melancholy starts to set in, keep in mind that you can still come back at a more reserved time and learn something new right here on the land.

Shakori Hills: Why It Matters…

Roots in the Schools


We’ve been continuing and expanding this program of bringing musicians, artists and dancers into local schools to help supplement the curriculum. If you are a teacher, parent or school administrator interested in bringing this program to your school, get in touch at

 Community Garden

Want to grow your own food but don’t have the space or time commitment for your own20160620_125037 garden? Community garden workers get a share of everything harvested and excess is donated to the CORA Food Pantry. You can contribute as much or as little as meets your schedule and energy level. Everyone is welcome to participate in the garden, from the early planning stages like deciding what crops to grow, ordering seeds and tilling the ground to planting, weeding, mulching and harvesting. No previous gardening experience is necessary.

Cheryl is also offers free monthly gardening workshops this summer in a variety of topics for those who have their own gardens or just want to swap knowledge and experience!

The garden occupies approximately 8800 square feet, with three crop rotation areas to keep the harvest on a year-round cycle. The project is coordinated by Cheryl McNeill, an instructor with CCCC’s Sustainable Agriculture program. We also offer garden tours and workshops at no cost to local schools and community groups. If you’d like to get involved, or are interested in a garden workshop, drop us a line at or call the office at 919-542-1746.

Thank you for all your support! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your contributions will help us reach our vision of giving back to our community by making the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center a place for everyone to enjoy now and for decades to come! Click here to make a donation.

Slideshow Photo Credits: Todd E. Gaul, Kevin James, Paul Kerr, Matthew Coburn, Allison Springer, Sara Waters, Dwayne Ritchie

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