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Purchasing Shakori Hills: We Did It!

As a joint venture Shakori Hills Community Arts Center (local non-profit benefiting NC that hosts the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival) and Fingerlakes GrassRoots Festival (Trumansburg, NY based non-profit that produces the four seasons of GrassRoots Festivals series) organizations are excited to announce that the property known as Shakori Hills has been purchased!

Our down payment goal was reached last year (THANK YOU!), and thanks to many wonderful folks like yourself who invested in the community-owned mortgage, the purchase closing happened on December 10th.

Check out these great links to articles about the land purchse:

News &Observer, The Indy & The Herald Sun

A great big shout out of gratitude goes out to Carol Hewitt of Slow Money NC for all the work and help in putting the community mortgage together!

Thank you for all your support! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Click HERE to read more about our story, or HERE to make a donation to Shakori Hills Community Arts Center.

Our Mission . .

Shakori Hills Community Arts Center’s mission is to provide culturally significant arts, music and environmental-sustainability education and outreach to our local community and schools.

Slideshow Photo Credits: Kevin James, Paul Kerr, Matthew Coburn, Allison Springer, Sara Waters, Dwayne Ritchie

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